I’m moving the fuck out of this stupid backwards ass town

BREAKING NEWS: Perfect Game, a sports venue and mixed-use development, expected to add $200M yearly to Hutto’s economy

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?! This isn’t a yay moment. Goddamn you fuckers who only thing about the money. The money doesn’t matter if you quadruple the fucking population, build on every piece of land and have us so squished together that it takes five hours to drive down the street because the traffic is that bad.

Oh yeah you stupid fucks get some money but also will be adding more people, more travelers, more assholes, more crime, but nah, y’all won’t see that because all that’s in your eyes is dollar signs. I hope you choke on that goddamn money. Fuck you for ruining this town.

Why is this still happening to women?


I have to say I get so fucking pissed at American women, not all of them, just the whores that flaunt their tits and ass. Yesterday every shot I saw was right down the shit and these stupid bitches are proud of the attention.

I have always hated it because the handful of whores makes the brain dead men believe we are nothing but a blow-up doll, they can touch and talk about us anyway we want because we don’t even have feelings.

When you bitches choose to whore yourselves out you are knocking all of woman kind down to your level. There are women who are still being killed for saying or doing anything that goes against men. They just want to be treated right. There are animals more valued than women yet the only thing people care about is how many dicks will like your tits. They like your tits not you. Not your shitty personality or fugly face because if you had more to offer then you wouldn’t have to resort to tit picks. Women of the world need us so put your goddamn tits away and stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves.

Do not lie about fake accomplishments

I was on Fitbit again and found myself getting angry all over. I know there are some young and fit people on there. I know there will be people who accomplish way more than I can and that’s not what this message is about.

My bitch is seeing someone post skanky photos which reminds me of PG. On the site for two days and then casually mentions I hit 100K in my free time.

My feet are swollen. My legs are covered in heat bumps. I have busted my ass to hit 45K and my real victory and the victory of others is pissed upon by people who cheat and get praise for something they didn’t even do.

I’m so tired of working hard and someone who hasn’t done anything gets the pat on the back. I hate people who cheat hardworking individuals out of our moments. What kind of glory is there to be had when your victory cup is empty? You just make me not want to try. Why bother if I will be beaten by a cheater?

I came, I saw, I snow boot

Yesterday was a very busy day with some small victories. I have pretty much stopped focussing on weight loss and instead been pushing myself to out walk my competition. I realized the other day that people don’t just cheat but I can lose fairly if people run. There is only two reasons for me to run, one I’m chasing an ice cream truck and two I’m being chased by a murderer. But even then I’m liable to just stop because I’m really not built for running.

Anyway I weighed in yesterday. I checked the afternoon before to see if it would go down and it did. I lost a couple of pounds this week. My scale was acting weird yesterday and even though the weight was right the body fat changed. As of Tuesday afternoon it was 28.2 and yesterday it said it was 40 ๐Ÿ˜‘. I don’t appreciate machines at all and they are always acting stupid like that around me.

So the weight is down. I wish it would go a little faster because for a month’s worth of sweat and hard work I’ve only lost five pounds but apparently my body fat has doubled.๐Ÿคจ

Anyway I got into yet another race yesterday. I got invited to a couple more but by the time I saw them yesterday morning most of them were full. So I joined a new one and as soon as I clicked it I saw half the people were already rolling down the track. I couldn’t show up and end up last.

I’ve been trying to get the snow boot, 45,000 steps, for a couple of weeks now. I could get the first ones fairly quickly but the last two, which I got in the same day, wore me out. When I really push myself I can get 40 and some change but usually by then I’m a walking zombie.

Yesterday I decided I was going to push and get that badge. I pushed harder because I was chasing down people all day but the 45 wasn’t about beating them but myself and pushing past my limits. There came a point at the end of the day where I knew if I kept sitting down to rest I wouldn’t be able to stand up and finish so the last six or seven thousand steps were taking without a break. Once I stopped stopping I ended up pushing past the pain and even though I don’t like to brag about myself I want to share what it felt like.

Have you seen those movies when a prisoner is being beating with a whip? One crack after another as the flesh is torn away. At first the person cries out and squirms but if you hit a person enough there comes a point where they no longer feel the pain. The prisoner stands up, a sneer is on their face and the lips turn up just enough to look like a smile.

The man holding the whip knows that he lost the ability to scare the prisoner because they were pushed past the pain. The guard drops the whip and runs because he knows at any second the prisoner will break free and there will be hell to pay.. I would say the day ended pretty much like that.

This is the exact kind of shit I’ve been talking about over and over again


What the fuck is wrong with you people? “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room? Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”

I said it just yesterday that I don’t like or respect people who don’t own up to their mistakes. To deflect and to deny means a person will not ever apologize for their wrongdoing and since they are “only human”๐Ÿ˜  it means these fuckers will do bad over and over and over because that is what happens when a person doesn’t take ownership and be accountable.

I saw that guy yesterday posting that he is a Christian and God bless you each and everyone like he’s Tiny Tim but I ripped his ass apart because he STILL lies to people and still writes and posts naked photos of women.

You cannot speak out of both sides of your mouth because your constant bad behavior and lack of remorse makes you a two faced liar and a hypocrite. I will NEVER respect bad man, bad preachers or an anything that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

You want to convince me that you have changed? It’s in your words, in your actions, it’s in what you post. It’s being a good person even if God or me isn’t telling you to. That is how you show you have changed. You do NOT contact me and feed me a bunch of lies then disappear because that’s the same shit you have done for all these years and it will get you nowhere!

Now back to the link FUCK Lori. I hope they lose their house along with their credibility. I have ZERO respect for liars and she’s going to pay for trying to pull one over on us because people like me are sick of people like her.

On the flip side this is what Felicity Huffman said. โ€œI am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions.โ€ And you know what? I accept what she said. I accept it. I forgive her and as long as she has learned her lesson and won’t try to buy success again. She can go right back to her life and I wish her well. I do that because she owned up to it. Because she didn’t try to weasel her way out of it and I can respect that.

I’m so mad I could kill someone

I was reading through Fitbit feeds and three different times in the course of scrolling brought me to a boiling point. I was screaming in the car because I’m that fucking mad.

The first thing that pissed me off is the bullshit photo. I have had HUNDREDS of people turn their backs on me and walk away and there hasn’t been any replacement friends or family. When people leave then you are left with less and that is how it’s always been. It didn’t matter how I acted or how much I tried to keep people in my life when they didn’t want to be in my life anymore the bastards walked away good NEVER showed up.

Then another woman was talking about positive. Be positive and you get positive. That is a fucking lie. I was on top of the world Sunday and asshole came in and shit on my parade just like every goddamn time. I was feeling great and the motherfucker came around lying and fucking with me and I did NOTHING to deserve it.

This same woman also posted a bunch of links to videos. I clicked a couple to see what they were and I am so mad I would have no problem killing right now. She posted that garbage song. I’m only human, don’t put the blame on me.

I have been treated like absolute garbage throughout my life and the last five or six years have been the absolute worst times ever, EVER. Worse than my mom dying while I was still little. Worse than my dad beating us and putting us down. The shit I went through will Slick Willy has been a goddamn nightmare. I’ve been lied to and treated like garbage a billion times over and not once didn’t anyone believe me or give a shit. In fact the cocksucker made a job out of torturing me.

I have been lied to EVER time he has spoken to but not once has he apologized or even felt bad for his actions. No he is like that goddamn song. I will treat you like shit but I won’t own up to it but I will blame you or fuck just ignore it all and act like I never did anything wrong. If someone was to come to me and act like that song I would absolutely kill them where they stand. I will not accept anything but I’m sorry. No ifs ands or buts about it.

I HATE this world because most people are selfish pricks like him. They hurt people every day but will not own up to in and more than likely will put the blame on the people they are hurting.

The other stupid thing I read dealt with relationships. Why people are posting bullshit like this on a fitness thing I don’t get it. Her post said that people you are in a relationship with WILL hurt you and it’s your job to forgive them. I’m done turning my cheek and if a motherfucker hits me I will hit back twice as hard. No one should say this let alone post that you will be treated bad but suck it up and be a good little Christian. Fuck that. ๐Ÿ–• Mistakes happen and people fuck up but I haven’t been told the truth, treated kind or be apologized after all that I went through. Dipshit wrote a blog to get likes and tried to act like that was an apology and that was before he wrote about fucking my daughters and before I saw what he writes and the naked underaged girls he posts about.

I saw a different post the other day that said it didn’t matter if someone is younger or cutier because no one else can be you and that pissed me off too because last year was the worst year of my life as I was shown and told over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again that I would never matter to him and would never be seen as beautiful or as valuable as the other girls. It’s all I have been told and no I haven’t been told otherwise. I haven’t been treated otherwise and no one has ever told me they were sorry because he isn’t about to own up for what he did. He would rather I cry, suffer and feel bad about myself than to ever admit wrongdoing. I’m mad as hell and I have every right to be mad.

Common sense about sleep


I have to say all of these are extremely obvious to me. I like to go to bed roughly the same time every night and even on the weekends my brain acts like Robin Williams and does jazz hands and over the top antics to get me up.

I will say I am a boss when it comes to sleep but wish I could take this article back in time and show my mom, stepmom and grandma that ten hours of sleep wasn’t too much. As a kid I slept hard and slept long and always got criticized for it. I knew I wasn’t overdoing it. I would be on the move all day so I needed that downtime.

Anyway I thought it was interesting especially if you don’t get enough sleep. It leads to mood swings, depressing and a bunch of other bad stuff they mentioned so if you aren’t getting seven to ten hours a night then you aren’t sleeping enough.